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Admissions open for 2015-2016

Welcome To De Sales Academy


De Sales Academy is an independent school administered by the Oblates of Saint Francis de Sales (OSFS Fathers), a Roman Catholic religious congregation. It teaches young people to learn to love with a spirituality inspired by Saint Francis De Sales. It also aims at enabling them to take their place in the world with a gentle spirit according to the Salesian tradition. This means that our aim includes the formation of the young minds, with virtues, values, commitments, sincere convictions by right motivation, constant self-discipline, and excellent learning.

We try to inculcate family values, intellectual, spiritual, moral, physical and social disciplines; and empower them with developing skills and motivation to become mature adults who will be able to contribute substantially for the development of our Mother India. It also helps them to take-up their personal responsibilities with right vision and motivation.

Our Facilities

The Campus

campus1campus2The campus of the school provides a cool, calm and noise free atmosphere which creates in itself the right ambience for studies and related activities. The eco-friendly campus with its gardens and trees add beauty to the school atmosphere. Besides playgrounds and large areas of free space provides tension free atmosphere to all in the campus. The De Sales Academy is ideally situated on the Bengaluru-Hosur Highway, between Chandapura and Attebelle.

Science Lab

scienceThe students of De Sales Academy are blessed to make use of the three well equipped science labs. The physics, Chemistry, and Biology Labs open avenues for the students to enter the world of scientific knowledge through experiments and practicals. The students see the theories having been incarnated into reality in these modern labs.

Computer Lab

computerComputer Lab is well furnished with 40 computers. Good seating arrangements, well ventilated, with well qualified computer in charge personnel taking care of students while face to face with computers from Std I onwards till the highest class. The software is continuosly updated so thet our Academicians are on par with the best. Senior students are at net savvy, at email, web designing and advanced animation software.


libraryA good collection of Books are available for students for reference, for joy reading, for purpose of knowledge and for implementing in regular life. The collection includes various categories of Encyclopedias, division related to animal world, aquatic world, space, general knowledge, fun reading, comic, reference, historical, bigraphies, short stories, fiction stories, novels, picture books etc. Students are free to enter the library during the free time, pick their choice read and return.


busA well maintained fleet of buses go around transporting students from their homes to school and vice versa. Every bus is equipped with supporting staff. Parents who like to use the transportation facilities should contact the office and get the name registered at the time of admission.

Audio/Visual Lab

We have a well furnished Audio Visual Room with Projectors and Television. We hold a good collection of CDs like Rosetta stone and Cassettes which helps the students to improve the English language skills.


Fr Baiju Puthussery

Welcome to de Sales Academy, Chandapura, Bangalore and thank you for choosing the school for your ward. The school deems it an honor to facilitate your ward’s school education in the best way possible. The school lays great significance on all round development of your child so as to enable him/her to acquire life skills.

The Oblates of St. Francis De Sales has a rich heritage of imparting quality education for over 125 years. The Salesian way of education is accepted and appreciated worldwide for the value based, unbiased and Christ centered education, a pedagogy that is derived from Our Patron. The Salesian method is to bring students to love and respect their God-given gifts and talents in such a way that they will endeavor to develop them. To achieve this, the immediate goal of Salesian education is to make every effort that professional studies be serious and fruitful, bringing great care to class teaching and preparation. This will result in an open and sincere person, generous with his talents and personal goods, a youth with lively faith and a spirit of unselfishness, dedicated to his family and country.

For all that you see around you in this magnificent sprawling campus, the sense of soaring space, the breath of fresh air, the awe inspiring infrastructure and the complete freedom that one feels within the serene and salubrious campus, your ward will be ensured a congenial atmosphere to ‘Learn’, to ‘Learn to Love’ and to ‘Be’ and to ‘Be and its Best’.  May your ward become the ‘Beacon of Hope’ for the future

Fr Baiju PuthusseryPrincipal