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Salesian Education

The Salesian concept of education is derived from the Christian concept of life which, based on the Incarnation, strives to effect a meaningful relationship between natural and supernatural values. Consequently, the ultimate goal of Salesian education is the eternal salvation of students. To achieve this, the immediate goal of Salesian education is to make every effort that professional studies be serious and fruitful, bringing great care to class teaching and preparation. In this way, all human culture is integrated with the mystery of salvation so that the light of faith will illumine the knowledge, expressions and actions of students.

The Salesian method is to bring students to love and respect their God-given gifts and talents in such a way that they will endeavor to develop them. To achieve this, the educator must respect the dignity, freedom and uniqueness of each student. This permits a freedom and creativity in students, yet always within the framework of order and reason. Their good will should be cultivated in such ways that love and respect follows. In this way, they will come to obey not in blind submission, but through gentle persuasion. This will result in an open and sincere person, generous with his talents and personal goods, a youth with lively faith and a spirit of unselfishness, dedicated to his family and country.

Father Brisson wrote: “What greater thing in all the world…than to fashion souls? What is greater than to mould the morals of the young? More skillful than any painter, more ingenious than the most artistic sculptor, is he whose art is to shape consciences for good and form character, he who can recreate in a young person the image and likeness of God.”